About DolfoART


Our goal is to create some balance in the Hungarian souvenir market, which basicly is full with arty stuff. We tried to create something different, a bit more unique. We are working continuosly on new graphics, designs, and development of products to garantee this quality...

  • 100% unique design
  • High quality prints and papers
  • We accept custom orders for each product type
  • Multilanguage support



My love for the pen drawings is not new. I have been continuosly producing artworks in this style in the past 6 years. Wherever I go if I have a bit freetime I take my sketchbook and I let the fun begin... While I'm focusing on the success of this little business I don't forget to train myself as well. So in my freetime I'm learning design (mainly illustrational) and management.


I was really amazed by your works when I was at Budapest, for a few days. I bought some notebooks for my gramma and a sketchbook for myself to put some art in...Keep up the good work!

Celina - Greece

...creative, fresh and high-quality products! Simply perfect ;)

Dóra - Hungary